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CEO Mindset Training - Human Design - Real World Strategy


Meet Kyra

C Ht Hypnotherapist

Business Mindset Mentor

Hi I'm Kyra!

I built my online business to $100K+ IN MY FIRST YEAR OF BUSINESS with a small audience and without cold DM strategies or any ad spends.


This is what I help women achieve, allowing them to smash through income glass ceilings through the perfect combination of building a true 6 figure CEO mindset through deep subconscious work backed with real-world strategy that is aligned for you.

My zone of genius is to find the main upper limit mindset blocks around money, visibility and success that plateau your next level of wealth. Then combined with the power of human design, we realign your identity & strategy so that you can take aligned real-world execution with a regulated nervous system, smashing through your income glass ceiling.

You will be creating mental, emotional and behavioural changes during our time together, accelerating your results without the burnout or sacrifice and achieving sustainable wealth for the sophisticated woman building her dream business & ultimate freedom. 

Speak soon, Kyra x 


6 Figure CEO Mindset Mastery backed with Real World Strategy to Skyrocket to your 6 Figure Year

quantum ceo mastermind

Quantum Calibration 
1:1 private mentorship

For the woman who loves to go fast & understands that strategy has a glass ceiling. Her mindset is now the key to collapsing time & scaling to the next big income goal. 

A highly customized & intimate mentorship where we find your specific upper limit, subconscious blocks around money, visibility & success that are creating profit bottlenecks in your current business strategy. 

Deep CEO Mindset Mastery & Nervous System Regulation to smash through your next income glass ceiling so you can collapse time to not only creating it but sustaining it too without the sacrifice or burnout.