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Your Mindset
is your 
Most Valuable  Asset for  quantum success

Breakthrough to Your Next Level

Meet Kyra

C Ht Hypnotherapist

Business Mindset Mentor

Hi I'm Kyra!


I help premium coaches who desire high level subconscious and energetic support, as your business rapidly builds to new levels of wealth & success. As a high level CEO, you face high level challenges. I help you shift into the new identity that supports your pace of expansion. You desire to keep you mindset incredibly sharp while maintaining nervous system regulation. 

You will be creating mental, emotional and behavioural changes during our time together, accelerating your results and achieving sustainable success for the sophisticated woman building her empire.

Speak soon, Kyra x 


What I Specialize In

Time Line Therapy

Rapid Breakthroughs



Success & Wealth Mindset


Premium Support


You have Incredible Soul Desires
You are ALL IN & always TRUST THE PULLS
​Unlock a New Level of Freedom & Success 

Let's Change How You Experience Life Forever