I was born and raised in the city of Toronto, which is still home to me today. I am an entrepreneur with a background in manifestation, mindset and success.


I am a certified hypnotherapist, NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioner. I am also a certified intuitive Reiki Level I & II Practitioner.

For as long as I could remember, I felt LOST. I was living a complacent life and I didn’t know it then, but I lacked total clarity on what I actually wanted in life. People would always comment on my confidence and how it seemed like I always had it together but inside, I often felt small and wanted to shrink away.

My world felt as though it had been turned upside down when I left my highly codependent, toxic marriage. I had hit rock bottom but I knew it was the best decision I had made for myself. I struggled for the next two years with finding my self worth and purpose, in all areas of my life.

I began various healing modalities including hypnosis, manifetation, energy work and meditation. Trust me, I was skeptical of this area of mindfulness but I was willing to give it a try.


As I did the work, I began to heal from old wounds, removed limiting beliefs, reprogrammed my subconscious and raised my level of self worth. I started to notice real shifts in my reality.

As I began to live the life I really wanted, for the first time I actually felt in charge of it. I was starting to feel confident, secure, fearless and free. Incredible people started surrounding me, my dating experiences were easier to navigate and dream entrepreneurial opportunities opened up for me. All of this helped me to realize my true capabilities and purpose in life.

I will show you who you are. Discover your magic. Master your mindset, and energy and you will manifest your dream life. 


 Get out of your own way. Stop settling for less than you deserve in love and career. Starting manifesting the life you deserve.

Curate the life you have always wanted.