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Autumn's Alignment into her Dream Job & busting through to 6 figures in 3 months


"Before starting my work with Kyra I was harbouring a lot of fear, guilt and shame in many areas, particularly in my self confidence & my business.  When we started working together, my anxiety was through the roof as an entrepreneur and I was living with a lot of limiting beliefs about my talents and money.  


Honestly, the confidence & money mindset work we did together has and will continue to change my life forever. After 6 weeks of working together I can absolutely testify that my life will never be the same. 


Kyra is incredible and the lessons she taught me are priceless and not only did I find my true purpose but I learned to become energetically aligned with what lights my soul on fire every single day. I gained confidence, clarity, and an overall sense of ease. I took back my power. I now absolutely trust that I am doing enough. 


Kyra helped me to unlock the mindset & energetics to lean into my unique aligned intuitive strategy, all of a sudden new ideas &  dream opportunities and collaborations with sought after brands all started to flow my way.


With a deep level of trust in my gifts and following my alignment, I also began to infuse new energy into my dream project, taking on dream clients which have now resulted in busting through an income glass ceiling of $100K+ in the last 3 months, charging premium prices. Whereas before I was with misaligned clients, worried about increasing my prices & taking projects out of lack to make ends meet, leaving me in cycles of burnout. 


The work we have done together has set a solid foundation where I now feel in control and I can continue to nourish and grow from for the rest of my life.

- Autumn H

Isabel's Powerful Transformation
into the Fearless CEO


"The SHIFTS that came shortly after working with Kyra still have me spinning my head wondering what kind of magic she pulled on me!

I came to Kyra because as an entrepreneur I was constantly dealing with all the fears and doubts of going into new, uncharted territory. I felt as if there was a ceiling above me that was impenetrable, and I wasn’t able or capable of executing beyond that. My logical mind knew I could make it, but I’d often found my body going the opposite direction and into panic.

Kyra is so gentle, and I felt wrapped in a blanket of her soft approach combined with the reassurance that I was in good hands. A few days after our sessions I felt the fear bubbling up (as she has mentioned it would) but moving through my body easier and faster. The raw sensations of fear now had a loose grip on me – as if there was spaciousness for me to breathe, process and show up more powerfully in my business. 


I am now better equipped to deal with the negative pressure of fear. My mind and nervous system feel much more regulated, the "ceiling" has disappeared and I am now stepping fully into my power. A few days after the session, I had a $6000 client sign into my world as a brand new coach. Gratitude for Kyra all around."

- Isabel M

Kyra worked with me to unblock any limiting and destructive beliefs I had surrounding these issues. The shift was subtle but impactful and slowly I was able to recognize the difference in how I viewed myself. Things that would trigger me before no longer had the same effect, which was profound - as I’d been living with these beliefs for so long.

I could already identify noticeable changes regarding my body confidence. I feel more at home in my skin and feel a deep sense of freedom that I haven’t felt for a very long time. When I look in the mirror I’m not immediately struck with criticism, but instead I see myself as so much more than simply a body  


Additionally, she's helped me with feeling more confident around dating and being more in my worth when it comes to calling in partnership. I also felt more confident raising my prices in my business! I couldn’t recommend working with Kyra more, she’s truly changed my life and I’ll forever be grateful for that!"

Angelica C.


"These past few months working with Kyra have been completely transformational. 

I have always felt confident about my journey as an entrepreneur and love the world of personal development and manifestation. I had been doing the inner work using self hypnosis & journaling but I reached a plateau.

I sought Kyra’s expertise to help me with overall confidence and body image issues that I have been dealing with for the majority of my life. I had a difficult time accepting myself and releasing the idea that my worthiness was equated to my external appearance. I was tethered to strong feelings of shame surrounding how I viewed myself, as well as incredibly low self-worth.



“Working with Kyra was the best decision and most valuable investment I have made.


I felt so confused, worried and anxious about my future career and personal life. I was at my lowest. I didn’t know exactly how it was going to change my life but I trusted the process.

We started with the self work, the fears, the things that I was carrying with me, that I had no idea that they were holding me back. We did the mindset work so I started to believe that I already have everything inside of me, feelings that I’ve been ignoring for years, as I always looked outside for validation.

I started to say NO to things that weren’t serving me, learning to ultimately trust myself. I started experiencing mental and emotional freedom.

Amazing opportunities started to manifest.

After a couple sessions, I landed my desired apartment as I had visualized in session. I also got a call for the dream job that I wanted 6 months prior, that came out of nowhere. I landed that job a couple weeks later. I am now working on building my own business as well, with new creative insights that weren’t there before. 


I have a new excitement for life. For what is possible and that I am actually capable of making it happen.  I have more confidence, I am creating more wealth and I have a deeper lever of acceptance for who I really am. I can’t be more thankful and what I love calling her “voodoo” gift. It’s magic. Thank you Kyra!”


- Svetlana Y.

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You are magic! With your big heart, enthusiasm, and intuitive gifts, you were able to help shift me massively in 6 weeks. I felt so stuck in negative thought patterns & anxiety but I was able to break out of a serious rut and started to confidently regain my self worth. I manifested a new house, and working on closing an investor for a company. You really understood my issues and were able to pinpoint the subconscious issues by going to the root. This has been such a positive shift and I look forward to seeing how the journey continues to unfold!"


Andrea M 

"Working with Kyra has been an elevating experience. She is extremely passionate and attentive to her clients. She taught me mindset shifting techniques that I use to move my energy from a fear-based state to a more motivated, can-do attitude, while keeping my heart clear on my goals. Since working with Kyra, I've made several big decisions- leaving my job, starting new projects, etc. and each time I've felt discouraged and fearful, she has helped ground me to embracing this uncertainty, encouraging my brain to adjust to new levels. I also manifested unexpected money and exciting entrepreneurial opportunities. She is knowledgeable in what she shares and truly wants the best for her clients!"

Anita S.

“Working with Kyra was an investment in myself that I am oh so grateful for. Her Level Up Intensive was exactly what I needed to dive deeper, helping me clear away remaining blocks, allowing me to really connect with myself. I feel more at ease, peace, clarity, flow, happiness and of course more freedom. It truly feels like anything is possible and there is a knowing and trust that i's already on its way. Kyra is amazing at waht she does and she is truly aligned with her work and purpose and I only wish I had explored this sooner!"

- Ali P.


“I wish I could express how much of an impact these sessions with Kyra has had on my life! Limiting beliefs are real, even if they “don’t bother you. I struggle with external validation, acceptance & self worth deep within me, that i had been pushing away for many years of my life. 


Sometimes it’s hard to know how much they hold you back until you’ve properly dealt with them. I haven’t looked in the mirror and had negative thoughts about myself in months and that’s incredibly liberating.

I have experienced truly positive changes and new success in my confidence, self image, relationships and in my career. If you want to level up, I would highly recommend to reach out.”

- Vanessa L.


"Three months ago, after a devastating heartbreak, I found myself at rock bottom. I was suffering from severe anxiety and clinical depression. I had been living an unexamined and unfulfilled life for years – I had no self-worth, I was filled with regrets, and I was experiencing what seemed like insurmountable sadness. In an attempt to pull myself out of the depths of crippling personal anguish, I sought professional support. I was so lucky to connect with Kyra.


I was completely skeptical and uneducated about the services that Kyra provides – but I knew that I could not live life like this anymore. I entered the first session nervous – but soon thereafter, I felt a shift in my mindset. I could not pinpoint it, but I knew something had changed – and I knew from there that I was going to commit to the process.

I would recommend the investment in Kyra wholeheartedly. She is professional, kind, compassionate, encouraging, supportive and effective in her work. 

This allowed me to unpack the harmful and negative thoughts that had been operating subconsciously and influencing how I lived my life for so long. In between sessions Kyra was available for support whenever I needed.


She has truly equipped me with the tools to reframe my thought processes in order to realize that life can be better than I had imagined. By reframing my thought processes, I have started to notice subtle, but profound changes in my life – from the joys of being alone (which I never thought was possible), to having the courage to change academic and career paths, and to taking an idea about an dream initiative and making it a reality.


I am continuing on my journey to self and I can say that Kyra has proved to be invaluable to my healing process, and I am forever grateful. Kyra literally saved my life."

- Chantel S.


"I am an entrepreneur so I am always being challenged with breaking through new upper limits and pushing past fear.


After our first session, I have noticed that my focus and motivation have been way up. When I am coming across challenges, I am moving through them quicker and with more ease than before, which is huge. If you haven’t done any Time Line Therapy® and are an entrepreneur, I would highly suggest it!

Kyra is the ABSOLUTE best! She is so gentle and provides a very safe, non judgmental container, which is so important for any subconscious work. I’d highly recommend a session with Kyra!”

- Laura P.

“As a new mother navigating postpartum hormones, sleepless nights and the isolation of a pandemic, I was feeling overwhelmed with emotion. After only a handful of sessions with Kyra, I can confidently say that her program and work changed my life. Not only did it allow me to better navigate my emotions, but I believe it has also made me a more present and patient mother and wife.

Kyra is a very positive, confident and caring hypnotherapist, who goes the extra mile, often sharing new coping and mindfulness tactics for your consideration and implementation.If self-improvement is what you desire, look no further!

- Britt T.

“I approached Time Line Therapy® not really knowing what to expect and honestly my experience was very transformative. During such a challenging year, I have found an overall improvement in my quality of life.

I have found a stronger connection in the relationships with some of my family members, which were previously strained. I was able to release and let go of negative emotions. I feel minimal triggers now and can now focus on these relationships with a new found clarity.

Kyra’s passion and kindness exudes throughout our sessions and she has made this process exciting and fulfilling.”


- Patrick M.


“I have been picking at my skin for over 8 years and I never thought I would be able to break the bad habit. I went to Kyra with an open mind and figured it was worth a shot.

Wow... what an amazing experience. Working with Kyra was so comfortable and positive. I felt safe to be vulnerable and truly felt how much she cared.

After 4 sessions not only do I have no urge to pick at my skin, I feel better than ever in my body. I never thought I would see this day! I feel more confident, less anxious and have an overall sense of well-being.

I can’t wait to work with her again and tackle some more issues! I have already been recommending her to everyone I know.

Thank you Kyra!”

- Haley W.

“Working with Kyra was such a gift. I have found so much clarity and confidence in my ability to be intentional with my thoughts and ultimately make decisions that are aligned with my dreams. I've gained more emotional intelligence in the past 6 weeks working with Kyra than I have in the past 6 years. 

During our time together I landed a job that I truly love and even negotiated a pay raise with confidence!


Kyra cares deeply about her clients. she is easy and fun to work with and is completely aligned with her teachings. I would highly recommend working with her, if you are ready to build a life of fulfillment and inspiration.

- Cait M.

“I can’t believe how quickly hypnotherapy has worked! We focused mainly on self confidence and specific areas of social anxiety. 

After 4 sessions, I noticed I am not triggered as easily by events that would have triggered me in the past and made me feel extreme emotions. If I am triggered by an event,  it feels minor and I’m able to observe it and move on.

I don’t worry, feel anxious, or over analyze everything I do. I just feel comfortable as I am, which to me is confidence. Dating has become easier. I am less anxious about the whole process.

I’m very grateful for Kyra’s work, as it has been so helpful for me. She is absolutely lovely, kind and cares so much about helping her clients.”

- Rebekka G.

"I sought Kyra’s expertise to break an unwanted pattern that developed slowly during the pandemic.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful alternative treatment to anyone seeking or desiring self improvement.


I am very grateful for the experience and would recommend Kyra to anyone who is looking to make a positive change.

She is a bright light and a truly inspirational healer."

- Hayley W.

"My hope and dream is to start my own Astrology business. It was a pretty lukewarm dream and I was barely putting any effort into it. I would often get overwhelmed on where to start and then would instantly give up.


No word of a lie, after my first session, I felt instantly motivated and inspired. Within 2 hours after our first session, I sat down and started making a vision/mood board for my business. From there, I created a business plan to take action on.


She helped me raise my self-worth but helping me remove negative blocks that I had about myself. Stuff came up from my past that I thought was long gone and she helped me clear them away!

Kyra helped me realize what I am capable of and once I started to believe in myself, the opportunities started (and keep) coming!


Although, our sessions have been virtual you can feel her grounding presence. Her calming and soothing voice brings you to a deep state of relaxation.

Looking back to where I started and where I am now, is a complete 180 and I owe that all to Kyra."

- Sam B.