I have put together the perfect balance of mindset & energetics & strategy to build your heart centered business, so that you can create BIG impact that your soul craves while creating the big results in your business & bank account. 



4 month mentorship for the spiritual entrepreneur who is ready to sell premium offers, and scale to $10K with ease

the mastermind

You are REALLY COMMITTED to your dream business and are ready to take full ownership of your success

You are so ready to live that BIG LIFE you know you deserve, with dream clients paying premium prices 

Ready to go full time and leave you 9-5 for good

Creating big impact with soul aligned clients, getting incredible results 

Creating $10K cash months, finanical freedom - travel, not worry about money 

You desire to go full time in your heart centred business, replacing your 9-5 income and the ability to travel & work from anywhere in the world 

Scaling to $10K with the perfect balance of grounded & aligned business strategy that produces consistency in your business,, moving you towards the financial freedom you have always dreamed of 

Instead of one-off session, your dream clients who are ready to pay for your premium offers and receive incredible transformations using your unique gifts 

Showing up consistently online, feeling confident in your messaging,, offers and client results  without self doubt or imposter syndrome. 

Dream clients that are knocking down your DMs ready to invest, ​making your aligned sales strategy fun & effective void of the ICKY pressure.  OR Creating massive impact with your dream clients, that are in your DMs excited to work with you instead of just telling you how inspirational you are

How I created $10K cash months in only 4 months and how you can too


I have always sold premium because I LOVE time freedom.

So often I see new entrepreneurs starting off feeling as though they need to charge below the industry average because they feel they don’t have “enough experience”.

And it doesn’t have to do with “charge your worth” because let’s be honest, you are freaking priceless.

So I decided to ignore all of that & create a different reality. My first sale was $1000 for 4 sessions in my first month of business and I quickly scaled to $10K cash by month four, working 5hrs/week with only 500 followers. 10 months in, I just quantum leaped to my first $14K day, working ~5hrs daily.

I am going to collapse time for you around creating financial & time freedom, as I have spent $40K in mentorship working with the BEST in the industry. In mindset, energetics, subconscious healing, business strategy, copy writing, marketing and show you how to lean into the perfect strategy for you that feels aligned, expansive and creates real results. 

Being an entrepreneur that creates big results is like peanut butter & jam on bread. 

Alone they are good  but together they are MAGIC. 

5 figure cash months are equal parts your  Quantum CEO mindset & Potent Energy + Grounded Strategy 

Easeful $10K months are a result of having an unstoppable entrepreneurial mindset where nothing takes your out of the game, keeping your energy powerful & potent so that you can show up consistently in your business & a grounded strategy that you are able to communicate your magic clearly so that it lands with your soul aligned clients that are ready to invest with you now.

quantum ceo mastermind


Short paragraph about your offer and what makes it different. This is where you want to speak to the version of your ideal client who is clear about exactly the specific kind of support they need because they see the gap in their skillset/support now.

Mindset & Strategy is 

This mentorship experience is designed for the new paradigm coach & healer who is ready to create unreal impact with her gifts & get paid abundantly for them.


With the Quantum CEO Mastermind, we will be turning your gifts into $10K cash months through premium offers that are so uniquely you, attracing our soul aligned clietns and selling them. You will also be developing not just any old mindset work, I will be providing a customzied track for the matermind that will allow you to step into your most opulent identity, shifting fears around visiblity, cultivating consistency and your unique voice. You will have my eyes on your content and strategy, providing high level shifts that will quantum leap your business. 



9. Benefits 

What are all the benefits of your offer? What will your client experience as a result of doing the work and learning the things contained within your program? Point form bullets with explanations work best here.

- Easeful 10K months moving towards fnianical freedom that you have always desired

- Working less 

- Solid strategy to scale to easeful $10K months 


10. Offer Structure 

1. Quantum CEO MINDSET work 

2. Creating your premium offer 

3. Nailing premium sales 

Optional to use pricing tables to show what’s included again. You may consider adding a sentence or two in fineprint explaining what happens after someone takes the action of applying or enrolling to ensure they feel safe. Ie. Once you submit an application, we’ll review, and if you’re a good fit, invite you to a call to discuss the program more and answer any questions you may have.



12. This is for you if/Not for you if (optional) 

- you are ready to go full time into your heart centered business and take full responsibility for your success 

- you know the value of investing in excatly what you need 

- you trust your intuitive nudges 

How will they know this program is the perfect fit for them? Share where they are at, what they would be looking for, and what would indicate the program was intended for them. Use this area to speak to the character and personality you most enjoy working with. 

Ie. you take responsibility for your success, show up to all calls on time and prepared, and integrate the new learning into your everyday life without fault. 

13. Objection Handling 

I know making this investment feels a little scary and it should! Most entreprenuers wnat the big results without taking teh big action

The reality is tha tyou don't need a coach. You can figure it out on your own. I am going to collapse time for you around creating financial & time freedom, as I have spent $40K in mentorship working with the BEST in the industry. In mindset, energetics, subconscious healing, business strategy, copy writing, marketing and show you how to lean into the perfect strategy for you that feels aligned, expansive and creates real results.


But you aren't like most poeple 

14. Love Nudge (optional) 

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy or else everyone would be millionaires. ⁠⁠
But if you are on this journey, you aren’t like most people. You are part of a small percentage who choose this path because you know you are meant for something greater.⁠⁠
You have a soul mission. ⁠⁠
And if you are like me, you desire unlimited wealth, impact and evolution.⁠⁠
This journey takes courage, power, faith and a lot of goddamn resilience. ⁠⁠
The embodiment of your Opulent identity that allows you to take the BIG BOLD ACTIONS that feel stretchy, sometimes scary but always expansive.⁠⁠
Big Actions = Big Results 💰 ⁠⁠
And it’s okay to feel fear with the big action. There will always be a new edge but the only thing in our way is a feeling. Fear is just a feeling. You are more powerful than that. ⁠⁠
It’s time to move ⚡️ ⁠⁠
And you are the type of woman that goes fast. You know what it takes. You are constantly evolving. ⁠⁠
You always get highly specialized support so that you can collapse time. You do it before you are ready because if you always leave your readiness to circumstance, it will never come.⁠⁠
You always choose the action that is going to honour your highest self because you are becoming who you know yourself to be at the deepest levels, your most Opulent self 💎 ⁠⁠
You are powerful, courageous, bold and ambitious. You get to have all the big dreams without the sacrifice. ⁠⁠
So ask yourself now, how much do you want it? ⁠⁠
Your success is inevitable, so keep going, no matter what. ⁠⁠
You get to have it all


I am going to help you create it. 


Kyra Yang is a Intuitive Mindset Support Coach


who helps high level coaches with deeper levels of subconscious & nervous system support, so that they can sustain new levels of wealth & wellness, as they build their inevitable million dollar empires. 

Kyra stands for wellness in this industry, as this new paradigm of women continue to rise to unreal levels of wealth & power but she noticed early on, a missing piece in many entrepreneurs. She was tired of seeing them struggle to hold onto new levels of success without the fear, anxiety and burnout.

She leverages her extensive knowledge of mindset healing via hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy as well as energetic work, certified in Reiki 1 & II. She first explored subconscious healing & mindset work but felt there was a missing piece which led her to follow the pull to deeper energy work via Reiki. She believes it's the synergy of both the subconscious & the energy work, that allow for the deepest levels of integration, balance & unlimited success.