You are an entrepreneur ready to let go of the frustration, fear & self doubt keeping you from creating massive success in your business

You desire fulfillment, freedom, success in your life.

Rewire. Shift. Expand. Calibrate. Evolve.

I am here to guide you so you can consistently step into your personal power, manifest wealth & success


You start waking up excited everyday, as your life beings to transform month after month, manifesting more success, freedom & wealth

You discover a new level of confidence, feeling free to be just you, feeling so good in your own skin 

You experience new levels of emotional & mental freedom, allow you to truly be present, shifting your perspective about yourself and becoming less reactive to your environment with ease

You build a powerful mindset, working deeply with your subconscious mind to eliminate limiting beliefs and creating new ones dialed for success

You are ready to ditch self doubt, imposter syndrome, fear, overwhelm quickly in your day or day 

You get more deeply connected to your intuition, learning to trust it & allow it to align with your manifestations more rapidly 

You are creating the business you love with conviction, leaning into an intuitive strategy that create results, DOING IT YOUR WAY


You are obsessed with personal development, spirituality, living your authentic truth and you know you are meant for a big life

You love being empowered, comfortable with growth & evolution, becoming the best version of yourself 

You are obsessed with your business, ready to go all in, choosing power over fear, committing to growth and expansion 

You follow your intuition, trusting it's leading you to the next step (you are here for a reason!)

You love manifestation but haven't quite figured out how to make the law of attraction work for you and you are tired of waiting for divine timing 

You are so ready to find personal freedom, knowing yourself on the deepest level

You are ready to create a new relationship with money, feeling safe & deeply understanding how to create abundance & flow consistently


My mission is to help you gain a deeper understanding of your purpose & step into your true personal power. 

transforming your internal world, on the subconscious & energetic level rapidly to create unparalleled success in your reality. 

to get out of your head & to start living your life with true confidence & FREEDOM.

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Not that long ago, I was a completely different person. I was in the midst of a divorce, jumped into a relationship that was wrong for me, lacked a sense of self worth which lead me to perfectionism tendencies & constantly seeking external validation, struggling with my anxious attachment style and in a 9-5 that completely left me feeling unfulfilled.


I felt STUCK. I felt unfulfilled, alone, tired and going through the motions.

I was scared to take the first step. What if it didn’t work. What if I failed? What if people found out and I would be embarrassed? What if I wasted money? I didn't believe in the "woo woo"

I knew deep down, I had to make a change.

I started my inner journey to self love, releasing conditioning of who I "should be" and started to discover my MAGIC. I was remembering who I am. Discovered that I was capable of so much more.  My purpose ignited.


I invested in myself. I discovered new talents, motivation and inspiration.


I started to trust myself and love myself.  I was able to build the confidence and belief in myself.  I found a deep sense of freedom. I started to uncover who I really was.


I dove deep into my subconscious mind to create massive mindset shifts and integrating from the inside out. To release the conditioning & the pains of my past. To heal my inner child. To feel truly safe being seen and heard, exactly as I am. To integrate on a very deep level. To awaken to a different way of being, a higher level of consciousness.

I discovered TRUE CONFIDENCE and it set me FREE. I had inner peace. I had fulfillment & contentment. A deeper understanding of self that I didn't know was even existed.


I rapidly gained success in my personal development, my relationships & my entrepreneurial ventures. This process has allowed me to become a more fearless entrepreneur, so I can move past my own sh*t to create the reality I want, creating a truly magnetic way of living.


I scaled my business to my first 5 figures in only 4 months. I now have a sense of self worth that is kickass, including gaining emotional and mental freedom.I have manifested money, jobs, love, wardrobes, opportunities, mentors, friendship over & over again

Our subconscious minds make up 88% of our identity, who we are, what we believe, how we feel, thus ultimately create. Your subconscious mind always wins, so it's time to get your subconscious and conscious mind aligned. 

Heal the subconscious RAPIDLY. Clear energetic blocks. Mind, Body, Soul integration to step into the most empowered version of you.

This is an experience that is going to shift you onto a new path of success. Change your mindset from the inside out, to become the most confident, integrated version of you.

I am going to show you, who you really are. I am going to show you what you are truly capable of.

Your world will be different in just 6 months.


The way to your next level of life is to integrate on the conscious, subconscious and energetic level. 

Build the foundational mindset to create the life you desire to create


4hr 1:1 monthly

 REIKI HYPNOTHERAPY, TIME LINE THERAPY®, NLP, mindset coaching & Unlimited VOXER support 


We'll start by working at the foundation.


Using techniques of hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy®, we will discover the root causes of all negative emotions, limiting beliefs that are suppressed in your subconscious mind, at a cellular level. This can include memories and patterns that date back to past lives and ancestral bonds. When our subconscious mind suppresses these "memories + emotions" it zaps a lot of our energy (out of conscious awareness). The goal is to let go and release at the subconscious level, break out of patterns and thus naturally funnel this energy towards building your magnetic future. This is often where individuals experience new inspiration, energy, opportunities, gifts and more! 

We will also be rapidly building new neural pathways to support where you want to go in life, healing wounds that need to be integrated and continuing to align with the core identity of the incredible woman that you truly are. 


Using tools of NLP, we consciously integrate what we are programming at the subconscious level for dynamic integration. This is where we will also align you conscious goals with the subconscious programming that you are creating. Actively creating new thought patterns that are in alignment with the highest level version of you. You will also be learning about conscious creation, manifestation. 


I use the power of Reiki in combination with hypnotherapy for a more holistic approach to healing. We will release energetic blocks in tandem with the subconscious blocks that are requiring work, to heal, integrate and release. Body, Mind and Soul in Alignment. 

your investment


3 Months    

6 Months