Pink Gradient


2 months to Rapidly Breakthrough to Your Next Level of confidence &

 discover unparalleled success

Try this on for a moment

You are feeling CONFIDENT AF, feeling incredible in your skin


You have a deeper understanding of yourself, allowing you to be more present & shift your perspectives about yourself and your environment leading to inner peace

You feel a deep sense of freedom & feeling excited for life 

You experience greater levels of emotional & mental freedom, regulating your emotions with ease, leading to more fulfillment & joy in your relationships 


You unlock new inspiration, clarity and energy to create new opportunities in your reality

You have the confidence to go after that new job, promotion or hitting a new income goal, showing up with conviction


You are obsessed with personal development, growth and understand the valuable of becoming the best version of yourself.

You are ready to master your mindset & emotions so you can let go of repeating patterns, that are keeping you feeling anxious, stuck & frustrated

You have done some inner work but are ready for rapid & powerful results, cleaning up the subconscious mind with accuracy producing permanent changes & shifts in your life

You are ready to move through insecurities, fear, self doubt, & overwhelm QUICKLY in your day to day

You are ready to step into your personal power, excited to experience inner peace & start leaning into energetic alignment with ease


Not that long ago, I was a completely different person. I was dealing with a divorce. I had extremely low self esteem, struggling with the constant need for external validation + perfectionism. I was codependent, with an anxious attachment style. I simply felt lost and had no idea who I was.  


When I started to journey to discover who I am, I became obsessed with personal development and growth. Consuming content like it was no one's business, meditating, journaling but I wanted even more rapid results.


I dove deep into my subconscious mind to create massive mindset shifts and integrating from the inside out. To release the conditioning & the pains of my past. To heal my inner child. To feel truly safe being seen and heard, exactly as I am. To integrate on a very deep level. To awaken to a different way of being, a higher level of consciousness.

I discovered TRUE CONFIDENCE and it set me FREE.


I rapidly gained success in my personal development, my relationships & my entrepreneurial ventures. This process has allowed me to become a more fearless entrepreneur, so I can move past my own sh*t to create the reality I want, creating a truly magnetic way of living.

Our subconscious minds make up 88% of our identity, who we are, what we believe, how we feel, thus ultimately create. Your subconscious mind always wins, so it's time to get your subconscious and conscious mind aligned.


No matter where you are in your journey, the techniques in my program will help you reach your next level. From the newbie to the seasoned self development pro, this is an experience that is going to shift you onto a new path of success. Change your mindset from the inside out, to become the most confident, integrated version of you. 




The way to your next level of life is to integrate on the conscious, subconscious and energetic level. 

To go deeper. To release what doesn't serve you at the root cause. To integrate. To love yourself beyond belief. 

8 HRS of 1:1, REIKI HYPNOTHERAPY, TIME LINE THERAPY®, nlp mindset coaching & voxer support 


We'll start by working at the foundation.


Using techniques of hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy®, we will discover the root causes of all negative emotions, limiting beliefs that are suppressed in your subconscious mind, at a cellular level. This can include memories and patterns that date back to past lives and ancestral bonds. When our subconscious mind suppresses these "memories + emotions" it zaps a lot of our energy (out of conscious awareness). The goal is to let go and release at the subconscious level, break out of patterns and thus naturally funnel this energy towards building your magnetic future. This is often where individuals experience new inspiration, energy, opportunities, gifts and more! 

We will also be rapidly building new neural pathways to support where you want to go in life, healing wounds that need to be integrated and continuing to align with the core identity of the incredible woman that you truly are. 


Using tools of NLP, we consciously integrate what we are programming at the subconscious level for dynamic integration. This is where we will also align you conscious goals with the subconscious programming that you are creating. Actively creating new thought patterns that are in alignment with the highest level version of you. 


I use the power of Reiki in combination with hypnotherapy for a more holistic approach to healing. We will release energetic blocks in tandem with the subconscious blocks that are requiring work, to heal, integrate and release. Body, Mind and Soul in Alignment. 

Pink Gradient


$3495 USD

2 payments of $1825
3 Payments of $1250



"These past 2 months working with Kyra have been completely transformational. 

I have always felt confident about my journey as an entrepreneur and love the world of personal development and manifestation. I had been doing the inner work using self hypnosis & journaling but I reached a plateau.

I sought Kyra’s expertise to help me with overall confidence and body image issues that I have been dealing with for the majority of my life. I had a difficult time accepting myself and releasing the idea that my worthiness was equated to my external appearance. I was tethered to strong feelings of shame surrounding how I viewed myself, as well as incredibly low self-worth.


Kyra worked with me to unblock any limiting and destructive beliefs I had surrounding these issues. The shift was subtle but impactful and slowly I was able to recognize the difference in how I viewed myself. Things that would trigger me before no longer had the same effect, which was profound - as I’d been living with these beliefs for so long.


I could already identify noticeable changes regarding my body confidence. I feel more at home in my skin and feel a deep sense of freedom that I haven’t felt for a very long time. When I look in the mirror I’m not immediately struck with criticism, but instead I see myself as so much more than simply a body  


Additionally, she's helped me with feeling more confident around dating and being more in my worth when it comes to calling in partnership. I couldn’t recommend working with Kyra more, she’s truly changed my life and I’ll forever be grateful for that!"

Angelica C.


“I wish I could express how much of an impact these sessions with Kyra has had on my life! Limiting beliefs are real, even if they “don’t bother you. I struggle with external validation, acceptance & self worth deep within me, that i had been pushing away for many years of my life. 


Sometimes it’s hard to know how much they hold you back until you’ve properly dealt with them. I haven’t looked in the mirror and had negative thoughts about myself in months and that’s incredibly liberating.

I have experienced truly positive changes and new success in my confidence, self image, relationships and in my career. If you want to level up, I would highly recommend to reach out.”

- Vanessa L.


"Three months ago, after a devastating heartbreak, I found myself at rock bottom. I was suffering from severe anxiety and clinical depression. I had been living an unexamined and unfulfilled life for years – I had no self-worth, I was filled with regrets, and I was experiencing what seemed like insurmountable sadness. In an attempt to pull myself out of the depths of crippling personal anguish, I sought professional support. I was so lucky to connect with Kyra.


I was completely skeptical and uneducated about the services that Kyra provides – but I knew that I could not live life like this anymore. I entered the first session nervous – but soon thereafter, I felt a shift in my mindset. I could not pinpoint it, but I knew something had changed – and I knew from there that I was going to commit to the process.


I would recommend the investment in Kyra wholeheartedly. She is professional, kind, compassionate, encouraging, supportive and effective in her work. 

This allowed me to unpack the harmful and negative thoughts that had been operating subconsciously and influencing how I lived my life for so long. In between sessions Kyra was available for support whenever I needed.


She has truly equipped me with the tools to reframe my thought processes in order to realize that life can be better than I had imagined. By reframing my thought processes, I have started to notice subtle, but profound changes in my life – from the joys of being alone (which I never thought was possible), to having the courage to change academic and career paths, and to taking an idea about an dream initiative and making it a reality.


I am continuing on my journey to self and I can say that Kyra has proved to be invaluable to my healing process, and I am forever grateful. Kyra literally saved my life."

- Chantel S.