premium subconscious & energetic support for the quantum CEO

You are a spiritual entrepreneur who desires to calibrate to her next energetic level of confidence, success and wealth while not sacrificing her quality of life along the way 

You know the value of honouring your intuitive aligned PULLS, ready to always choose power, growth and courage over fear

You are ready for insane growth, building a powerful MINDSET and creating new energetic minimums, truly EMBODYING success


You start waking up excited everyday, as your life beings to transform month after month, manifesting more success, freedom & wealth

You discover a new level of confidence, feeling free to be just you, feeling so good in your own skin 

You are ready to embody mindset & energetic SELF MASTERY so that you can manage your nervous system with each up level thus becoming unstoppable in your business, moving quickly through comparison, self doubt & fear​

Embody deep self trust, leaning into an intuitive business strategy that attracts dream clients, confident AF in delivering incredible results

You experience new levels of emotional & mental freedom, allow you to truly be present, shifting your perspective about yourself and becoming less reactive to your environment with ease

You are ready to create more TIME FREEDOM to live life and have an amazing business! (YOU GET TO HAVE BOTH). Imagine having the random Tuesday to drink champagne with friends or enjoy a long morning walk, after sleeping in and starting your day when you desire!

You desire to calibrate to next level BELIEFS & EMBODIMENT, so you can get out of your head, taking INTENTIONAL ACTION and show up POWERFULLY in your business, creating quantum leaps in your income and success


You are obsessed with personal development, spirituality, living your authentic truth and you know you are meant for a big life

You love being empowered, comfortable with growth & evolution, becoming the best version of yourself 

You are obsessed with your business, ready to go all in, choosing power over fear, committing to growth and expansion 

You follow your intuition, trusting it's leading you to the next step (you are here for a reason!)

You love manifestation but haven't quite figured out how to make the law of attraction work for you and you are tired of waiting for divine timing 

You are so ready to find personal freedom, knowing yourself on the deepest level


Pink Gradient

How did I create my DREAM BUSINESS to 5 figures in only 4 months? 

I never believed I would ever be a self led entrepreneur & how quickly things have changed. 

I manifested my first $1000 client before I launched, making $5K by month 2 and I quantum leaped into my first $10K month in month 4, with only 500 followers, working 5 hours a week.  

I don't have a complicated sales funnel. I have never done advertising.


By learning to trust myself deeply & by working with incredible mentors, I learned that the POWER OF OUR MINDSETS & ENERGETIC CALIBRATION is key. I learned to choose power, growth and courage over fear. I embodied new energetic minimums quickly and created incredible quantum leaps. 

I realized what matters is what we believe we are capable of & what we believe is available to us. 

I am your biz bestie walking the walk with you always. I am always calibrating to my next level, bringing you along with me every step of the way. I will always be expanding, what is possible for us. I will always be challenging us to be better while maintaining an incredible quality of life. 

This is about the journey. This is about you consistently calibrating to your higher selves while creating the dream business you truly desire.


The way to your next level of life is to integrate on the conscious, subconscious and energetic level. 

Build the foundational mindset to create the life you desire to create


4hr 1:1 monthly

 REIKI HYPNOTHERAPY, TIME LINE THERAPY®, NLP, mindset coaching & Unlimited VOXER support 


We'll start by working at the foundation.


Using techniques of hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy®, we will discover the root causes of all negative emotions, limiting beliefs that are suppressed in your subconscious mind, at a cellular level. This can include memories and patterns that date back to past lives and ancestral bonds. When our subconscious mind suppresses these "memories + emotions" it zaps a lot of our energy (out of conscious awareness). The goal is to let go and release at the subconscious level, break out of patterns and thus naturally funnel this energy towards building your magnetic future. This is often where individuals experience new inspiration, energy, opportunities, gifts and more! 

We will also be rapidly building new neural pathways to support where you want to go in life, healing wounds that need to be integrated and continuing to align with the core identity of the incredible woman that you truly are. 


Using tools of NLP, we consciously integrate what we are programming at the subconscious level for dynamic integration. This is where we will also align you conscious goals with the subconscious programming that you are creating. Actively creating new thought patterns that are in alignment with the highest level version of you. You will also be learning about conscious creation, manifestation. 


I use the power of Reiki in combination with hypnotherapy for a more holistic approach to healing. We will release energetic blocks in tandem with the subconscious blocks that are requiring work, to heal, integrate and release. Body, Mind and Soul in Alignment. 

your investment


3 Months    

6 Months    

It may scare you to make this level of investment and it's absolutely normal. This is a sophisticated investment & it should feel like a stretch! 


When you make this kind of investment in yourself, it's a proclamation to the universe, I AM ALL IN.
This should feel expansive and exciting. You will feel the nudge, if this is for you!
I am ALWAYS walking the walk with you, calibrating to my next level so you will also continue to rise to POWER. I am your biz bestie that is going to challenge you to sharpen your mindset and energetics, every step of the way.
This is the way I view things: the lifetime value of the foundation you will build with me will ripple out into your business indefinitely and transformation doesn't happen on a fixed timeline but the big and small shifts all build momentum, shifting you onto the perfect trajectory.
You can always trust your intuitive next step,