Highly Customized Hypnotic Tracks

for the High Level CEO


21 days to transform your identity to close the gap on $10K, $20K, $50K, $100K months & beyond.

Simplify. Accelerate. Transform.


Pink Gradient

simplify with highly customized mindset & energy work to accelerate your quantum wealth, in less than 1hr daily


You know you are capable of your next level of wealth. 


You are doing all the right things - the affirmations, the meditations, the scripting, pivoting your thoughts, showing up in you business (I could go on but I think you are getting the point) but SOMETHING is holding you back.  

It's time to stop the mind chatter & now speak to the subconscious part of your brain directly & actively raise your wealth frequency AT THE SAME TIME

Sounding a little woo woo? Let's get down to the science behind it all .. 


I help you discover your money & success blocks in our breakthrough session to discover what is exactly getting in your way. We create new commands to embed into your identity, creating NEW neural pathways in your subconscious mind, that are deeply effective, saving you time & energy so that you receive accelerated results.

You desire to focus more on you magic, your gifts and building your inevitable empire but this all starts with WHO YOU ARE BEING.


You want to be even more magnetic to clients. 


You desire to be in alignment with bigger money months. 


You want to feel truly confident showing up powerfully in your business. 


I  take care of that.


All you have to do, is continue showing up in your new identity. 

Pink Gradient


1. BREAKTHROUGH SESSION: Together, we rapidly uncover the deeper subconscious success and money blocks, core beliefs, fears & doubts that you are currently facing in the expansion of your ever growing business.

2. CUSTOMIZED HYPNOTIC TRACK: Building new neural pathways & receiving energetic transmissions in 21 days as you listen to your highly customized wealth activation hypnosis. This using a combination of hypnotherapy, nlp and energy work to put your in alignment with your desired goal and creating lifelong transformations. 

3. ACCELERATED SUCCESS: You take action now as your new, integrated self! Shifting into your most wealthy timeline!