Past Life Regression

Take a Journey Into Your Past


What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a hypnotherapy technique that recovers what practitioners believe are memories of past lives and incarnations. Typical pursuits of this modality is for a spiritual experience or a therapeutic setting to gain clarity or further understanding of one's life. 

This is an incredible journey back through time that allows you to navigate a previous life

time in depth, accessing past memories that are hidden by the subconscious mind. 



Deeper Spiritual Experience 

More clarity in your current life, a deeper understanding of self

Locate root causes of negative patterns & fears in your life that can release unhealthy behaviours

Deeper investigation & understanding of soul connections that may be from a past life. Repair and release unfinished business that you feel remains in the present day

Deeper understanding of recurring dreams, daydreams or a fascination with a certain time period. 

Install healthy patterns, perspectives and solutions that can be integrated into your present day

Can unlock new inspiration, creativity, knowledge and gifts