Customized Hypnotic Tracks

for the High-Level CEO

Transform your Opulent Identity to align with multiple 5 & 6 figure months in just.3 weeks


you are a powerful leader who is trailblazing the industry,  loves collapsing time & is committed to doing whatever it takes to build your heart-centered business.  

you know that your identity is what makes your business strategy potent & powerful. 

and now, it's time to break through to your next big cash month with premium mindset & energetic support at your fingertips. 




You are doing all the right things - the affirmations, the meditations, the scripting, pivoting your thoughts, showing up in your business but SOMETHING IS HOLDING YOU BACK. ​​ 

Your next-level strategy is about OPULENT IDENTITY WORK. 

Not only do I help you unlock your SIGNATURE PROSPERITY CODES but I uncover what is EXACTLY getting in your way so that you can accelerate to your next big cash month. 

Your identity resides in your subconscious mind and I help you UPGRADE to your most Opulent identity so that you can: 

Close the gap on your next level of wealth, $10K, $20K, $50K months+

Feel truly confident in yourself, so that you can show up on social media powerfully & consistently, creating content with a new level of ease, magnetizing soulmate clients 

Developing unshakable trust, connecting deeply with your intuition & your vision, that nothing can take you out of the game

Feeling new levels of emotional & mental freedom, so that you can be a grounded leader and run your business with clarity 

All you have to do, is tune in for 21 days and shift into your most Opulent timeline.


​1. UPGRADE TO YOUR OPULENT IDENTITY. In week one, you will receive a customized hypnosis track laced with your unique Signature Prosperity Codes, to upgrade your mindset & energy body, and calibrate you to your next big cash month. 

2. CLEAR OUT PESKY PROSPERITY BLOCKS:  Next, I find the exact blocks keeping you from hitting that next big income month so that you can hit it with ease.Blocks at this level are nuanced AF.

3. ACCELERATED WEALTH as you build new neural pathways & receive energetic transmissions over a 21 day period, changing your identity so that you are now taking action in your most Opulent Timeline.



What's included: 

1x Breakthrough Session

1x Customized Wealth Hypnosis Activation

(Granja Vortex Method)

Kyra Yang is a Intuitive Mindset Support Coach


who helps high level coaches with deeper levels of subconscious & nervous system support, so that they can sustain new levels of wealth & wellness, as they build their inevitable million dollar empires. 

Kyra stands for wellness in this industry, as this new paradigm of women continues to rise to unreal levels of wealth & power but she noticed early on, a missing piece in many entrepreneurs. She was tired of seeing them struggle to hold onto new levels of success without the fear, anxiety and burnout.

She leverages her extensive knowledge of mindset healing via hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy as well as energetic work, certified in Reiki 1 & II. She first explored subconscious healing & mindset work but felt there was a missing piece which led her to follow the pull to deeper energy work via Reiki. She believes it's the synergy of both the subconscious & the energy work, that allow for the deepest levels of integration, balance & unlimited success.